Django sprint at Exoweb offices

If you’re in Beijing, know Python, have played around with Django, and want to roll up your sleeves and contribute some code to open source, then feel free to join as at the Exoweb office Saturday Dec 1st from 11:30 until 24:00 for the Django sprint.

If you want to come, please post a comment to this blog and put your name on the Django sprint wiki page under the Beijing section, so that we can gauge how many are coming and keep informed if there are any updates.

(See also Exoweb planet for more information on Exoweb and our office.)

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18 Responses to “Django sprint at Exoweb offices”

  1. Peter Cai Says:

    I will come. But I can not change you wiki page.

  2. Bjørn Says:

    Ok, cool, see you there.

  3. Border Says:

    Cool… I will come

  4. Mark Donald Says:

    count me in

  5. Rachel Says:

    I will come.

  6. JianTing(Aries) Yang Says:

    I will come too

  7. Wang Lei Says:

    count me in

  8. Bo Gao Says:

    ok, i will come

  9. Bjørn Says:

    When signing up, please also mention if you DO NOT have a laptop and will need a computer to work on.

  10. Bo Gao Says:

    need a laptop? ok. need others?

  11. Bjørn Says:

    All you need is a laptop w/ wifi (WPA supported) and yourself :) If you do not have a machine, we can probably arrange one, but I need to know in advance.

  12. Bo Gao Says:

    ok, see u tomorrow

  13. cheeming Says:

    Can’t seem to add myself to the wiki as well :(

  14. Bjørn Says:

    If you can’t find the place, call me at my mobile 13701174004

  15. border Says:

    郁闷呀,找地方找了两个多小时没有找到地方 。。。



  16. Bjørn Says:

    Border, sorry you had problems. :( About 12-15 people came today, more than half are still here. Some did have problems finding it.

    I should’ve left my mobile # on the blog post earlier so you could’ve brought it with you in case you got lost.

    I hope to see you next time, though.

  17. border Says:


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