Wii – can you dig it?

Seth Godin in his latest post writes about the Wii again, and he still doesn’t like its name:

It still has a dumb name, though.

Seth’s right that good names have to be both findable on the Internet and evoke the right feelings in people, but I think he’s dead wrong that “Wii” is a bad name:

  1. It is already very findable. Nintendo made sure they got wii.com, and wii.nintendo.com is the first hit for a “wii” search on Google these days.

  2. It is evokative in the right way. It sounds like the kind-of cute sound someone would make while playing a game, thus it could probably be considered onomatopoetic for “fun”. Secondly, it’s got the obvious connotation to “we”, meaning a group of people, friends.

  3. It is differentiating. Seth got the target audience wrong at first: it’s not teenage male players. They’re broadening the market, making games that are fun to play for casual gamers, NOT the hardcore gamers. “Wii” as a name is in stark contrast to the techie and macho “Play Station 3″ and “XBox”, further increasing the feeling that this is a different type of game console for a different type of people. It makes PS3 and XBox sound like complex and boring tech toys, not like something fun you’d like to play with. Strike ‘em where they ain’t, Nintendo :)

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